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Metal Roofing Installation
Commercial Metal Roof Services in Orlando, Sarasota & Tampa

One of the most popular and most reliable commercial roofing options is the standing seam metal roof. A commercial metal roof has a low life-span cost combined with reliability and durability, making it a fantastic option for businesses and commercial buildings. Plus, a standing seam metal roof is aesthetically pleasing, has a long-term warranty, and installed professionally by Solar Bear, you will most likely not need another roof for your business.

Metal roofing systems are more versatile than other commercial roofing types due to its materials, colors, styles, and low life-span costs. Metal roofs are manufactured with aluminum, steel, copper, tin, and many other types of metal. Aluminum and steel are coated with zinc so they are resistant to rust and corrosion. Metal roofs can withstand constant exposure to severe weather including sun, rain, wind, dirt, and more. When your metal roof is installed by our team of professionals, you will not have to worry about leaks or damages.

If you hire the wrong roofing contractor who don’t have the knowledge and experience in metal roofing installation or how to maintain it, can be get you a bad metal roof and one with many problems. Solar Bear has the skill and experience in metal roof installations to take advantage of all the great benefits of having a metal roof for your business.

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Why Choose a Metal Roof?

A metal roof is capable of lasting 50+ years with little maintenance and repairs. A properly installed metal roof can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour, and will not rust or corrode under extreme Florida weather. Energy efficiency is another great benefit of having metal roof installed on your business. They reduce cooling costs by 10-25%, plus they are fire resistant which can save you more money on insurance.

LEED Certification with a Metal Roof

If your business is working to get LEED Certified, a metal roof system goes a long way to getting your building certified. Commercial metal roofing is often times made from recycled materials, and is highly energy efficient. The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has rolled out new guidelines for the construction and maintenance of buildings, called Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v4.1, which is more focused on the use of sustainable building materials than previous iterations of LEED.

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Metal Roofing for Extreme Weather

Roofs are built to withstand weather to protect your business. The metal roof is great for extreme weather including wind, storms, brutal sun, cold weather, and much more.

Metal Roofs are a Great Option for Florida Heat and Sun

With the Florida sun, roofs take a lot of exposure that in time can weather and fade some roofs; however, a metal roof and it’s coating technology maintains the color, strength, and structure for the life of your roof.

Metal Roofs Withstand Extreme Wind

With the interlocking panels and concealed fasteners, a metal roof is built to withstand extreme wind resistance. When we install your metal roof, it is designed to be wind resistant based on the design and installation requirements.

Metal Roofs and Lightning

One common question regarding metal roofs in Florida is do that get struck by lightning since the roof is made with metal. There is no evidence of metal roofs having any greater risk of lightning strikes then other roof types. Metal will conduct electricity but it doesn’t attract it. Even with this, metal roofs can be grounded with lightning protection if requested.

Metal Roofs are Fire Resistant

Metal roofs are approved for Class A, B, and C fire ratings. With wild fires and potential fires from other sources, metal roofs are fire resistant to airborne sparks and burning debris. Additional, metal roofs are light weight so this can also prevent roofs from caving in if the structure was to weaken during a fire.

There are many other reason why a metal roof is a great option for your Florida business. Let Solar Bear metal roof installation team help you with your project and questions.

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