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Types of Commercial Roofs for Businesses
Roofing Professionals in Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, Florida

When you need a commercial roof installed in Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, or other surrounding areas in Florida, call Solar Bear. We are a full service commercial roofer offering all types of roofing options for your business.

Each type of roof comes with our satisfaction guarantee and a full manufacturer roof warranty, combined with professional installation and satisfaction. We carry top notch roof products so you can rest assure that your new roof will last for many years.

TPO Roofing Systems

TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) membrane roofing is the largest roof type in the commercial roofing industry. With industry-leading products from Carlisle SynTec Systems, Johns Manville Roofing, and American Standard Roof Coatings, Solar Bear Roofing Company is the professional roofer for all your commercial buildings whether you are need to replace your current roof, repair your current roof, or need a new roof installation. With all the benefits of this roof type, TPO is a great choice for your business.

TPO Roofing Installation

When it comes to installing a TPO Roof on a commercial building requires a licensed and experienced Florida roofer. Solar Bear has been installing TPO roofs in Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, and surrounding areas for many years. We have been properly trained in TPO roofing installation and are installers of SynTec Systems, Johns Manville Roofing, and American Standard Roof Coatings.

TPO Roofing Membrane for Businesses in Florida | Orlando/Sarasota/Tampa

There are many benefits to a TPO Roof Type including:

  • Durable – TPO Roofing is able to withstand high temperatures, a variety of weather, and UV rays and the heat that comes with them.
  • Energy Efficiency - TPO Roofing Membrane offers long-term energy efficiency, especially in warm climates such as Florida.
  • Color Choices - TPO Roofing Membrane is available in many colors including standard colors and specialty colors.
  • Long-Term Performance - TPO Roofing Membranes carry long-term warranties, and enhanced long-term weathering characteristics.
  • Heat/UV Resistance – TPO Roofing Membranes from our manufacturers are able to withstand higher temperatures and UV rays which will keep your building cooler in the summer, with roofing materials that last for many years protecting your investment.

EPDM Membrane Roofing Systems

EPDM (Extremely Durable Synthetic Rubber Roofing Membrane) Roofing is a resilient synthetic rubber membrane widely used on low-slope roofing projects throughout Florida and the United States. EPDM roofs have a proven history of performance based on superior flexibility, elongation, UV resistance, and hail damage resistance. Dark-colored EPDM helps building owners save on heating costs, and light-colored EPDM helps building owners save on cooling costs.

EPDM Roofing Membrane for Businesses in Florida | Orlando/Sarasota/Tampa

EPDM Roofs have many advantages including:

  • Durable - EPDM roof membranes provide excellent resistance to all types of Florida weather including hail damage.
  • Time-Tested - EPDM roofs meet or exceed ASTM standards, black EPDM roofs have been used for more than 50 years and white EPDM roofs have been used for more than 30 years.
  • Energy Efficient - White EPDM roofs aid in reducing cooling costs, and black EPDM helps to reduce heating costs.
  • Reduces Condensation - Black EPDM membrane can help to reduce the potential for condensation issues on the roof.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing has been used on commercial buildings for many years due to the longevity, durability and light-weight. With modern metal roofing materials, they are energy efficient, come in many colors, provide UV protection, and have rust protection coatings.

Metal Roofing for Businesses in Florida

Metal Roofing Advantages:

A metal roof properly installed and maintained can last over 50+ years, thus having a low life-span cost. Metal roofs have many other advantages including the following:

  • Little Maintenance and Repairs are required during the life-span of the metal roof.
  • Design Flexibility – Metal Roofs come in a variety of materials and color choices.
  • Stability – Metal Roofs have the ability to hold up to high winds and severe weather.
  • Energy Efficient – Metal Roofs are constructed from energy efficient materials. The highly reflective coating reflects and significantly lowers the temperature of the roof’s surface.
  • Fire Resistance – Metal roof panels are less prone to fire damage due to their material and coatings.

Shingle Roofs

Asphalt Shingle Roofing is one of the most diverse, affordable, and well known roofing systems used around Florida and the United States. Even though you see asphalt shingle roofs on homes, this is an excellent option for commercial buildings as well. If your building has a steep slope roof, asphalt roofing is a great application. Asphalt shingles come in numerous colors and styles, so you can customize your roof easily.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing for Businesses in Florida

Benefits of Commercial Shingle Roofing

  • Asphalt Shingles: Asphalt shingles are the most common, cost-effective shingle on the market. These roofs typically last 20-30yrs on average.
  • Architectural Shingles: Architectural shingles are multi-layered and heavier to add durability and weatherproofing for your commercial building. These roofs often times come with “lifetime” warranties.
  • Design - With shingle roofing, you will have a wide variety of colors and styles.
  • Durable – Some types of commercial shingles are rated for hail.

Tile Roofs

When it comes to Florida, you see many types of tile roofing on commercial buildings and homes. One of the primary reasons, is that tile roofs deliver a long-term value and extended life-span. They look great and outlast many other materials.

Tile roofs come in a variety of colors, shapes, styles, and sizes, so they can fit just about any style of building. Due to their construction, they are great for warm climates such as Florida. We can work with you to choose the right product for your business.

Tile Roofing for Businesses in Florida

Tile Roofing Advantages

  • Colors, Style & Design – Tile roofing has many colors, styles, and materials for a diverse selection for your project.
  • Durable and Rugged – With some tile roofs lasting 60+ years, tile roofing is a great option for your business.
  • Weather Resistant – Tile roofs are weather resistant and can even withstand hail damage and severe weather.
  • Maintenance & Repairs – Tile roofs do not require much maintenance and any repairs can be handled at the damaged location typically.


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